The Bizarre Bazaar shows have always had a strong and faithful upscale clientele due to the high quality of the exhibitors, the diverse and unique product lines and the participation of select non-profit organizations.

We attend numerous local, regional and national craft and gift shows, both wholesale and retail, throughout the year.  We do a tremendous amount of travel to seek out high caliber and creative booths for the Bizarre Bazaar® Shows.  We are constantly trying to keep well informed and current in the rapidly changing craft and gift markets.  Our exhibitors come from an assortment of these up-scale shows and their product lines are an exciting melange of quality and unusual inventory.

Both shows are advertised extensively.  We mail over 40,000 invitations to the shows to our past attendees, we run display advertising in all local newspapers and magazines as well national gift/craft publications, we produce and air televisions and radio spots prior to each show on all the popular and targeted television and radio stations in the area.  Our online advertising presence is strong as well as our targeted emails.  We have several live radio broadcasts and TV news programs interviewing our exhibitors on-site every day of the event. Our marketing efforts persist throughout the year as we are continuously sending press releases on our exhibitors and the shows to all local, regional and national publications.  In addition, we provide unlimited quantities of reduced admission postcards which we produce especially for exhibitors-free of charge- so that they may mail them to clientele in the area prior to the shows. We also print colorful show posters advertising the show that exhibitors may order-free of charge-as well.

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